Forecast Watch 2018-2019 June AccuWeather Global Report

AccuWeather Global Report – How Weather Affects Fishing

Forecast Watch 2018-2019 June AccuWeather Global Report
AccuWeather + BassForecast = Results!

When great weather and great fishing technology come together, it’s sure to be a winning combination for an absolutely fantastic day of non-stop action. Here at Tech Guy Fishing, we have been provided the Analysis of One- to Five-Day-Out Global 24-Hour Temperature and Wind Speed Forecasts report.

The report provides an analysis of two important aspects of weather forecasts – temperature and wind – for the one- to five-day-out forecast period. The data is from 1,096 locations around the world, over an 18-month long period. It’s an analysis of over 25 million forecasts from the five main weather providers: AccuWeather, Dark Sky, Foreca, The Weather Channel, and Weather Underground.

The winner is: AccuWeather. With the lowest average absolute error and the great percentage of forecasts within 3°F, AccuWeather came out as the top provider, for the most accurate forecasts throughout the time period.

To read the full report, download the PDF here.

What is the significance of this report with BassForecast?? BassForecast’s weather algorithm is using AccuWeather to provide detailed weather patterns and a 10-day outlook for the best times, or lack thereof, for catching bass. The Solunar Tables are using BassForecast and it’s continuously updating weather forecast system to provide anglers the most beneficial timeframes to catch that new personal best! AccuWeather + BassForecast = Results!

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