Affiliates FAQ

What products can I promote?

At the moment I have five products that you can promote and earn an affiliate fee for:

How much will I earn if I promote this?

For every single sale you refer, you get a 10% commission (as calculated above).

Cookies are valid one month after someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, so you will still earn a commission if you recommended a product, someone clicks then they go to purchase it a few days or weeks later.

How do I track my sales?

TGF keeps score of every sale made through your special link. You can track your sales and keep an eye on your earnings in your TGF Dashboard.

You will receive a monthly update of your earnings (you can change these settings in your TGF Dashboard).

When and how do I get paid?

You get paid on the 1st of every month for all the sales you referred in the past 30 days. (If you refer a sale on the 28th of January, you get paid on the 1st of February.) The minimum threshold is $20.

Payments are issued directly to your Paypal account. (Don’t forget to input your PayPal address into your TGF account in Settings once you register and are approved.)

Do I need to purchase anything first to be able to join?

I strongly believe that in order to successfully promote a product or a service, you have to be familiar with it. Sharing your own experience with the products (what you learned from them, how it helped you) also increases your conversion rates.

But no, it’s not required to buy anything in order to be accepted into the program.

How to know if you’re a good fit:

  1. You have a website, Youtube channel or a platform of any kind where you share fishing tips.
  2. Your readers/followers are interested to learn more about things such as: fishing, understanding fish patterns, tactics, tips & tricks, kayak fishing, bank fishing, saltwater fishing, lure making or other general interest in the fishing industry.
  3. You run your blog/business with integrity and you have a basic understanding of recreational fishing.

How do I get my affiliate link(s):

Once you are an approved Affiliate, you can create as many links as you want in your Dashboard.

  • Go to your Dashboard and click on Creatives
Dashboard Creatives
  • There you will get your main Affiliate ID and see the Referral URL Generator. You can use any link to create a custom Affiliate Link.
Affiliate URL Link Generator
  • Add any product link (also linked above) and click the GENERATE REFERRAL URL button and you’ll get a custom link for you to use.
Affiliate Custom URL Generated
You can see your affiliate ID at the end of the custom generated URL
  • Use the custom generated URL anywhere you want to share with your users.